Take a look at Matt Armstrong’s post over at MountainRunner which has a map which reveals the non-alignment between DOD’s combatant commands and the State Department’s Regional Bureaus.

My question to you: Should they? I think so but I want to hear from you. 

Click here to see the map and Matt’s full post.

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  • SSG Jeff (USAR)

    Who was first? Africom is pretty new…

  • Rubber Ducky

    The packaging problem is ancient and one can always find lurking in the background the congressional committee structure too. Two rules of life:

    Everything is connected to everything else.

    There is only one reality.

  • Curtis

    I think I prefer the State Department structure even if it is a futile attempt to lump plutonium safely. DoD structure is probably, largely driven by the bases we use to project power from. State doesn’t have that concern.

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