MidratsRemember, we have a special Midrats today at 2000 EST/1700 PST. Different day and different time – but you’re sharp cookies, you can figure it out.

We will be coming to you live from the USNI & AFCEA sponsored 2010 West Conference & Exposition in San Diego.

Join Galrahn, EagleOne and me as we review the highlights of the conference so far, and discuss our topic – the Navy Media Ecosystem; from blogs to the traditional media, how we discuss our Navy.

Special guests will be William M. Miller, III – Publisher at the United States Naval Institute, and Philip Ewing from Navy Times.

We will be taking callers the entire hour, so don’t be shy – give us a call at (347) 308-8397.

Join us!

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  • http://conservativewahoo.blogspot.com Bryan McGrath

    Wish I could join you guys–but you’re cutting into my internet radio show’s time!

  • http://cdrsalamander.blogspot.com CDR Salamander

    Don’t be a hater!

  • James Ross, USA Ret

    Not on subject – but – I’m now working at McMurdo, Antarctica, and was hooked by the “midrats” title.

    I’m presently finishing a summer season here and have been on night shift since October (sun is up anyway). We still call our midnight meal “midrats” from when the USN was the station “owner”.


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