Arctic Training

February 2010


Lots of snow this week in Annapolis and conditions are perfect for some arctic warfare training.

Two Regiments of Midshipmen Participate in the Brigade Snowball Fight

Two Regiments of Midshipmen Participate in the Brigade Snowball Fight

The reflective bands were the markings of 2nd Regiment.

Mids Snowball Fight video.

Posted by Jeffrey Withington in Navy

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  • http://cdrsalamander.blogspot.com CDRSalamander

    Don’t tell me you have caught the USAF reflective belt disease? You make me sad.

  • Redeye80

    I seem to remember the last time I threw a snowball in the Yard, I almost got fried. The MOOW had no sense of humor.

    But riddle me this, putting thousands of mids out in the Yard in a free for all snowball fight is OK but climbing Herndon is bad.

    ORM doesn’t match.

  • http://xbradtc.wordpress.com XBradTC

    After that, they retired to the dining hall for hot chocolate, cookies, and a big fat blunt.

  • Andy (JADAA)

    I am very disappointed the Supe allowed this image to be released. A quick glance shows that the individual who captured this image failed to recognize that it shows insufficient diversity by gender, ethnic makeup, GPA, class standing, varsity sport selection, gender preference, or service selection. Not to mention NO ONE is wearing protective eye wear nor NAVOSH-approved safety head protection. Kudo’s to the 2nd Regiment for their appropriate safety belt awareness!

    Just couldn’t help myself…. :)