Keynote Speaker: Dr. Martin N. Murphy, Author and Piracy Expert

Panel: Blackbeard to Barbary Pirates: Making Their Mark on History
RADM Joseph F. Callo, USNR (Ret.), Author (moderator)
  Dr. Virginia W. Lunsford, USNA, Author
  Frederick C. Leiner, Author
  LCDR Benjamin Armstrong, USN, Author

Panel: Piracy’s Impact on International Commerce, Law and Diplomacy
CAPT Robert “Turk” Maggi, USN (Ret.), U.S. Department of State (moderator)
  COL Iya J Gababo, Defense Attache, Embassy of the Republic of Kenya,
  Robert Gauvin, Piracy Policy, U.S. Coast Guard
  CAPT Mark Tempest, USNR (Ret.), Attorney

Luncheon Keynote Speaker: Stephen M. Carmel, Senior Vice President, Maersk Line, Limited

Panel: Pirates: How Do We Defeat Them?
CDR John P. Patch, USN (Ret.), U.S. Army War College (moderator)
  RADM Terence E. McKnight, USN (Ret.),
  Capt Zachary D. Martin, USMC, Marine Expeditionary Force Recon Company  
  Laurence Smallman, Defense Research Analyst, RAND Corporation

Annapolis, October 20, 2010

Details and much more information here.

Come on, take the day off and join the fun!

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  • Byron

    Damn, E1, they didn’t invite you to be a speaker? That ain’t right.

  • Eagle1

    Wait, Byron, see the second panel . . .

    and thanks for the vote!

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