If American lives weren’t being risked and sometimes lost in this struggle, such would have the makings of a Peter Sellers comedy. This from the Associated Press:

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Saudi Arabia says a former Guantanamo detainee who went through its militant rehabilitation program and then rejoined al-Qaida in Yemen has turned himself in to authorities.

An Interior Ministry statement said Friday that Jabir Jubran al-Fayfi contacted Saudi authorities from Yemen to express his regret and readiness to surrender. Yemeni authorities arranged for his return.

Al-Fayfi was released from Guantanamo in 2006.

He rejoined al-Qaida in Yemen, where the terror network’s local offshoot is attacking Western targets and Yemeni security forces and leaders. The offshoot also claimed responsibility for the failed attempt to bomb a Detroit-bound airliner in December.

The catch-and-release program on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan is a dangerous farce. Mind-boggling, in fact. Exceeded only by the idea that terror suspects captured as illegal combatants in combat with US forces should be granted full rights and privileges of Prisoners of War.

Which is exceeded exponentially by the notion that such suspects should be tried in US courtrooms, giving them the full Constitutional rights that any US citizen has in a court of law. More, in many way, than did the three SEALS who stood trial for allegedly punching a detainee.

Fight to win, defeat the enemy.

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  • Derrick

    This post reminds me of this ridiculous Omar Kahdr(sp?) legal thing going on. The guy was a Canadian citizen in Afghanistan the time of the US liberation, and he was shot by an US soldier while holding a rifle and shooting at soldiers wearing the uniform of Canadian allies (ie US soldiers). Yet because he is a Canadian citizen, a deal was made so he could be found guilty on a lesser charge.

    I mean, the very fact he is a Canadian assisting enemies of Canada, he should be brought to stand trial in Canada for treason, nothing less. And if found guilty, face the punishment for treason, which in Canada, is execution.

    OK…nothing to do with the US navy, but I just had to rant… :)

    So here is a semi-US naval related question:
    Can enemy terrorists captured in US military operations in foreign countries be tried aboard an US naval warship?

  • Jay


    I’ll leave that to the JAGs. We normally have more robust JAG facilities at shore commands.

    My two cents — Illegal or legal combatants — I would prefer we treat them all the same & bring them to the US (not Gitmo). POW status for all of them doesn’t bother me at all.

    Gitmo is a stain on our honor & national character, and should be closed asap. We have adequate facilities here in the US for this.

    I hope the DoD & DoJ can figure out a way to make this happen, with of course, the always required background political theater provided by Congress. Sigh…

  • Grandpa Bluewater

    Jay: “Gitmo is a stain on our honor and national character”.

    An ugly slur on the good name of the sailors who serve there.

    I find it highly offensive. Please cease, or provide specifics.
    Verified and verifiable specifics.

    How, exactly. Times, dates, evidence, alleged outrages on whom, by name, by whom, by name.

    Repeated allegation is not proof, not even evidence. Repeated allegation without evidence or proof is often propaganda. Who could possibly benefit from that?

  • Chuck Hill

    Grampa, even if nothing wrong was done, secrecy breeds suspicion and feeds the paranoia of those who see conspiracies. I would also like to see us close GITMO, or at least get it back to being primarily known for training ships.

  • Matt Yankee

    I believe this is an issue among ourselves and doesn’t harm us overseas anymore than the fact that we have invaded two middle eastern countries and currently have hundreds of thousands of troops on their soil…rightfully so.

    If I was thinking of joining an insurgency I would fear an Island Prison much more than the state pen. This is a War which should be waged by the military and the sympathetic sensitivity lawyers should stay out of it. The enemy will find whatever lies he can to provide propaganda…do not listen to it…or react to it. Just seek the enemy and kill him so that we can enentualy win the war which should be the overriding goal and could be accompished much sooner than closing gitmo. News this morning of UBL living comfortably in Pakistan should be the focus. Win the War and then close Gitmo in honor of victory.

  • Byron

    Sure, no problem Chuck. Just tell us what to do with terrorists