Fogey Alert

December 2008


This is a good time to abuse the privilege and get something straight, just to keep people from looking like they just came from the Lawrence Welk concert. Okay, look here, senior people, you guys with the VCRs at home flashing “12:00”. The whole website here, that thing you clicked on to get here? That’s a blog. This article-looking passage? That’s a post. Anybody writing little blurbs after the post is written? Those are comments. Don’t be like that guy, please?

Posted by Chap in Training & Education

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  • You start it Chap, go ahead!


    Seriosly, I hope this blog takes off. Lots of wonderful talent here.


  • sid

    First off, this is a long needed improvement to the venerable USNI.

    As I am in fact a Proud Fogey…an intemperate, ungrammatically correct, poor typing skills, fogey…any chance the purveyors of this venue could add a preview function to the comment box?

  • First off, Who has a VCR any More?

    Secondly I am very happy to see our senior leadership expressing policy, and vision through the use of Blogs, and web space.

    Bravo Zulu

  • Chap

    Anna one anna two anna chicka booma chick…

  • Andy (JADAA)

    Ha! Why back in my day… πŸ˜‰

    In all seriousness, as a Life Member (which just means I had extra money one day) who has read Proceedings since I was about 12, this blog is very long overdue. The Institute will be playing catch-up ball for some time, but if the robustness of such blogs as “Information Dissemination” and “Neptunus Lex” are any indication, there has developed a strong and vigorous community willing to engage each other in discussion of all aspects of naval and maritime affairs. I am a bit wistful that once upon a time “Proceedings” was the locus for such discussion, but discussions on the perceived collapse and failure of that august journal in the eyes of some is for another time.

    Let the games begin! And allow me to steal shamelessly from Galrahn’s “Information Dissemination” caveats for the sake of those who haven’t read them: “New visitors should expect other contributors in the comments to be smarter than you.”

    Good luck, you’re bookmarked now!


  • Chap,
    You’ve got to get out a little more. Come on down to Annapolis and we’ll take you out to lunch.

  • Jerry Hendrix

    Now that the Chap Godbey I know and love. Great to see this blog started up and see the Naval Institute take a step towards becoming the center of the navy profession’s dialogue again.

  • So, Chap, bud…
    Fogeydom is a state of mind, not necessarily linked to chronological indicators as some of us go back to the first wave of pc’s, networks (rmemeber BBS’?) and digital datalinks (including octal code processing for the main computer on a certain leading edge air platform)and have been intimately involved since…

    And Bill – careful, Chap just might be a liberty risk, especially where ice cream shops are concerned…
    – SJS

  • Total

    Given that you’ve *just* introduced a blog (welcome to 2003), I think being snotty about it is a bit much.

  • Chap = now that’s funny!

    Total = neds two sea hu iz writin at dis hear blog.

  • Chap

    @Total: I didn’t “just” introduce a blog, I just got invited here.

    @SJS: No lie: Back in ’04 the four star gets all excited because he had bought a proprietary system on the secure network that enabled what he called “blogging”. It was “ah-one and ah-two” in the middle of a mosh pit; it was also clear that all the senior fogeys talking about “I put up a blog about this” had not idea one what they were talking about. Thus the taken opportunity to school some grandpas.

    @Phib: Funnily enough, Total’s gripe was echoed elsewhere in the blogosphere. I was on the intartubes first…

  • Byron

    And before all of this cool stuff, was mailing lists…and I happen to still moderate one that has a lineage back to the Prodigy BBS and Stanford mailing lists. Fogey, pah.

  • @Chap: That wouldn’t happen to be the one whose name nearly matches, um, a certain system from the Terminator series would it…?
    – SJS

  • Chap

    @Byron: But, see, you *know* the difference between a comment and a post! Therefore you’re a geek not a fogue…

    /said the guy who wrote a column once about wheelbooks

    @SJS: I ain’t tellin’…

  • Congrats on the blog – great bloggers – great start… Added to our blogroll!

  • Byron

    Chap, was gonna ask what ya get when you cross a geek and a fouge, then I decided I really didn’t want to know.

  • Chap

    You know what you get, shipmate.

  • Surfcaster

    And the Security Geek will Hybridize the Global WarFighter’s Commons.

    (as USNI rethinks decision…)

    Seriously, welcome to the next level of smart, generally well intentioned, occasionally witty discourse that needs to be spread. As a typical John Q Public, I appreciate and learn significantly form these people that are all (well, mostly) smarter than me and I look forward to following the discussion here.

  • Byron

    Chap, thanks so much for that mental bath I had to take at 0410 this morning. God only knows what the rest of this day will bring, but I expect that it won’t be good πŸ˜‰

  • Chap

    Yeah, it’s all downhill from this point now that you have the grace you need to start the day hopping.

  • Stem

    …Steeljaw Scribe is right fogeydom is a state of mind that I know all too well (and I’m clinging to it like I do my guns and bible! ;’> )….I didn’t own a calculator until my 2nd year of engineering school……some of pre-date the first wave of PCs and used to count in Octal before it was cool…..

  • Chap

    Octal! That’s about old school right there. You ever drop the box of Hollerith cards and see your program “disassemble” down the street? That sucks, it does.

  • Does someone want to show this John McCain?

  • Sam Eaton

    I am glad to see this. Kind of like to hear how the brown water stuff is going. Also like to hear about anything like the old pigs and chickens stuff we did in Viet Nam.


  • maddog

    “Where boasting ends, there dignity begins.”
    – Edward Young, British poet (1681-1765)

    “Content thyself to be obscurely good. The post of honor is a private station.”
    – Joseph Addison, British essayist (1672-1719)

    “The hardest tumble a man can make is to fall over his own bluff.”
    – Ambrose Bierce, journalist, satirist (1842-1914)

    “It is my humble prayer that I may be of some use in my day and generation.”
    – Hosea Ballou, clergyman, writer (1771-1852)

    “Too often our wants overcome our moral ambitions. So we lie occasionally, cheat a little, and rationalize our moral compromises.”
    – Michael Josephson

    The MSgt sends.

  • maddog

    If anyone is to take this seriously for an open and honest exchange of ideas and thoughts for the future of Warfighting, you must stop acting like juvenile Maggot Pukes and get you silly rear ends busy delivering something with content.
    The MSgt sends

  • maddog

    “Your’ silly…