Worried about the decline of the Royal Navy? You should be! The time is now for our U.K. readers as well as naval bloggers worldwide to take action. Need ideas on how to how? No problem.

Save the Royal Navy is a website dedicated to fighting the decline of the Royal Navy. It aims to educate the public about Britain’s need for strong naval forces and to raise awareness of the dangers of allowing the navy to decline. According to the site, interested persons can take action by:

Signing online government petitions;
Writing their Member of Parliament;
Writing the Secretary of State for Defence;
Starting a blog;
Commenting online and writing to the press.

To borrow a line from distinguished Naval Institute Press author Tom Cutler’s email signature block, “Don’t Give up the Ship.” Take action today.

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  • Abe

    Oddly enough “Don’t give up the ship” dates back to the words of James Lawrence, captain of the USS Chesapeake, while he laid mortally wounded during an action against the HMS Shannon.

  • Chap

    You might like the 2006 speech that includes this quote pdf link:

    This year we will spend only 2.2% of our GDP on defence. This is the smallest proportion of our national wealth that we have spent on defending our country since 1930. By the time we finish the new Wembley Stadium, we will be able to seat the ranks of the whole of the British army inside it. The Royal Navy will be smaller than the French navy. And the RAF Museum at Hendon will have more attack aircraft than the RAF does now.

    (also conversation about it)

  • So, how can a US citizen concerned about the death-spiral of the Royal Navy help? Like many Americans with a sense of pride in our own Navy, I admire the RN and the heritage we inherited from it. How can we convince Whitehall what they’re doing is mad?

  • Byron

    Send Parliment home for 50 years. Let the Royals run things for a while, get things right again.

  • Chap Thanks so much for the quote as well as your post on the RN.
    Abe thanks for reminding me about the origins of DGUTS.
    Byron, I wonder if the Brits would notice?
    Anthony, U.S. citizens can urge any Brits in their networks to become more active. We can also blog about it like I did. My biggest fear is that a few years down the road there will be a savetheusnavy web site if we are not careful.

    Thanks all for reading and commenting. Keep ’em coming

  • Conrad

  • Byron