New Intel Pick Announced

December 2008


Former PACOM, ADM (ret.) Dennis Blair, has been reported as the new administration’s nominee for Director of National Intelligence, according to MSNBC.

(Not much comment yet in the blogosphere, save HuffPo, Hot Air, and of all things celebrity gossip site LALate. I thought Spencer Ackerman would be on it, but maybe tomorrow.)

Posted by Chap in Homeland Security

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  • USNI editorial board member

    Good news–a Rhodes Scholar…by temperament, education, and experience, a sensible choice

  • “Sources close to the transition” been waving me off it! (Even though I don’t see how it’s not Blair…) Kind of you to shout me out though.

  • Chap

    Yeah, it’s not fun to have nervous sources. Maybe because the first couple of cabinet picks were so leaky?

    We’ve been doing a lot of speculating about who the next SECNAV is, btw: Work/Garcia*/Sestak/Webb/White have all been mooted.

    As for ADM(ret.) Blair, having an operator in the intel spot can be a good thing, and he did good work at PACOM; the shops I saw respected him and seemed to play nice with others even while changing.