Happy Holidays

December 2008


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  • don’t forget to tell in what city and state this candle will be burning!! trying to get this done all across the USA – in honor of ALL military. I think a green candle for the army, a red for marines, a blue for the Navy, and a white for the air force!!!Blue Candle Lighting on Christmas Day. Several have asked,,, is there a special blue candle? No
    Several have asked how many days and how long.? The burning of the candle length is determined by the one lighting the candle.

    Once, again this lighting of the blue candle represents the sailors, recruits and military that will not be joining their families during the holidays. This being done because we want to remember the families that are seperated. Some of our children and spouses are coming home and some are not so let us all remember the great sacrifice our men and women do in the service of our country.
    Remember any kind of candle will do ,,,blue electric or wax. We thankyou and if you want to comment please do.. also RSVP