No shocker, but still makes you go, hmmmmm.

“Aircraft carriers are a symbol of a country’s overall national strength as well as the competitiveness of the country’s naval force,” Chinese Ministry of National Defence spokesman Senior Colonel Huang Xueping told reporters.

“China has a large sea territory. It is the sacred responsibility of our armed forces to protect our sea territory and to maintain our maritime sovereignty and rights and interests. China, taking into account all relevant factors, will earnestly research and consider (building aircraft carriers).”

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  • Byron

    Maybe we should look at a two-fer: reducing the national debt and selling them a couple of those carriers that everyone seems to think we don’t need.

  • Rob1855

    I’d be a great deal more concerned if they weren’t interested in CV’s.

  • Byron

    The PLAN is building two key elements of sea control/denial: submarines and aircraft carriers. Proceedings a few years ago had an interview with a PLAN admiral who flat out stated that the “Plan” envisioned PRC sea control out in an arc from the mainland all the way to: Hawaii. That little bit covers Japan, Korea, all of the Southeast Pacific, Indonesia, the Phillipines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

    Seeing how this directly affects the freedom of the seas (can you imagine the Straits of Malaca closed via blockade?), its a gotta do situation if the US wants to keep a noose from around it’s neck.

    Oh, in case you forgot: who owns the management company that runs the Panama Canal? Startin’ to smell like a bucket of boogers…

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  • Considering the scope of China’s global trade and the cooresponding influence (economically and politically) that has brought, the ability to conduct out of area operations within the SLOCs for the PLAN seems logical.

    They have been studying the application of CVs for years. Since the late 1980s they have purchased the Melbounre (late 1980s), Kiev, Varyag, Minsk, and the Minas Gerais (2002). I expect these carrier variants have provided good insight into how to design their own.

    So, I doubt this is a surprise to any of us.

    There is a glimmer of hope though for improved relations. It appears they are adopting similar strategic approaches as our own USN. Now if we could just get them to adopt our DoD’s Programming, Planning, Budgeting and Execution System (PPBES), then both of our navies would develop a deep relationship out of mutual angst & sympathy.