Moderator Vince Patton posed the above-mentioned question to his panelists and they replied:

“Teamwork family environment. No other place like it?”

“The availability of mentors.”

“The Coast Guard is very good at taking care of its people.”

“Leadership in combat and back at home.”

Now it is your turn to answer MCPOCG Patton’s question. What say you, loyal reader?

Posted by Jim Dolbow in Coast Guard, Naval Institute

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  • George

    I think it is the teamwork environment like the first panelist. When you are with other servicemembers, there is an implied trust that doesn’t exist in the outside world

  • The sense of working for a larger purpose than just the current task at hand. That no matter how inane the current situation is or how crazed your command seems to be, you are doing something that matters far more to the nation than making money for a bunch of invisible shareholders.

  • Paul Lawson

    So many I want to list, but the most important thing I have valued is that I now know the moral and physical benefit that you gain from devoting your life to your country and your fellow military members.

  • CF

    It definitely opened my eyes to a wider world. While I will always feel privileged for having been raised on board China Lake NAWS (NOTS & NWC back in those days), that is an isolated existence for sure.

    Additionally, meeting a few officers and chiefs that really understood genuine leadership was a highlight. Once you meet one of those types, you know what it is, and anything else is a poor substitute.

    So, I will eternally value how those years taught me about the big world, and big people.