….and the follow on reports just get plain weird.

A French submarine was unaware that it had rammed and damaged a British nuclear sub in a mid-Atlantic collision until it was informed by the Royal Navy.

The French Navy claimed this month that Le Triomphant’s bow sonar dome was probably damaged in a collision with a submerged shipping container while returning from patrol.

It discovered that it had hit a British submarine only after one of their regular exchanges of information with the Royal Navy.

Awwww — come on. Someone being a cheeky monkey Limey?

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  • I guess it is pretty easy to figure out that your have hit bottom, or a ship or sub that you know is there, but in a case like this, how would you know since there are no windows?

    Then again, since they knew they hit something, why didn’t they activate their active sonar not only to test the thing, but also to get a picture of what was out that and if it was just the one ‘container’ or many.

    Then again, shouldn’t their passive sonar be able to pick up a couple Brits swearing a couple feet from their sonar microphone….

  • If it is correct that Le Triomphant surfaced and HMS Vanguard remained on patrol until it sailed into Coulport on 14 February, then it is likely that HMS Vanguard would have been able to work out what had happened but chose to stay submerged and avoid detection. There is no visible damage on the top of Vanguard but it has been taken into the shiplift at Faslane as quickly as possible.