Close-up of a Fairey Swordfish Mark II, HS 545'B', in flight as seen through the struts of another aircraft.

Close-up of a Fairey Swordfish Mark II, HS 545. 

Royal Navy aviators and veterans, including Jock Moffat, the Swordfish pilot whose torpedo crippled the Bismark in World War Two, gathered today at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London to launch the One Hundredth Anniversary of Naval Aviation. The centenary year will be marked by a panoply of colourful events and activities throughout the UK.

The rest of the story can be found here as well at The Royal Navy’s Fly Navy 100.

Have you been a part of this glorious history? If so, comment away!

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  • 1981 – HMS Hermes was part of our Northern Wedding BG (IKE and FID who was diverted from the Med) and constituted the first operational deployment of the Sea Harrier. Lots of hand-holding required on the E-2’s part as we worked them along with our airwing F-14’s and FID’s F-4’s in mass intercepts vs. the Bear and Badger visitors we received. Would like to think that some of the Lessons Learned on their part were employed a year later in ops much further south…
    – SJS

  • outstanding SJS!