CO Gonzalez Reacts

February 2009


The official USS Gonzalez blog has a thoughtful CO’s comment about the recent events aboard San Antonio and Port Royal.

Posted by Chap in Navy

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  • But, man, does Tim Colton have some interesting speculation about Port Royal going on over at his site…

  • Chap

    I think you’re talking about the comments on this link:


    Sources say that the “Port Royal” has lost her sonar dome and all the blades on one, if not both, propellers. The port shaft is bowed, the sonar and forward Aegis skid are flooded out. Apparently she was a long way east of where she was supposed to be, in an area where there are a lot of shoals. Tough on the crew, being hard aground in eight feet of water for over three days, with no food, no water and no A/C. February 17, 2009.

    Joel at TSSBP had commenters about a week before that with similar info (example here forwarded from a retired senior officer), which matches the pictures I’ve seen, and what I’m hearing from the RUMINT/waterfront grapevine. I speculate that this ain’t-a gonna be pretty…

  • CREW

    Our AEGIS Cooling Skid was not flooded and we lost 8 out of 10 blades on the props. The ship enters the dock tomorrow and will know the exact damage within the next ten days.

    The RHIB transfer was not a scheduled event and they planned it after dinner occured. It was not briefed by any means and seemed like another rushed operation to satisfy certain people.

    The other key factor is the lack of manning on the Mod Nav Detail and certain people thinking they could handle all of the responsibilites on the Bridge. The crazy thing is this one person who is also NAV Qual’d is trying to blame his junior sailors in an effort to save his own six.

    I can’t wait till the investigation officially comes out as I am sure they have found a lot of “Inaccurate Statements” from personnel trying to keep their job.