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  • SJS,

    What a great letter! Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice.

  • Byron

    I’m sure that the ship will frame this letter and put it with the rest of the “We did this/went there/worked with these guys” on the appropriate bulkhead of the ship where all hands can see it. I’ve always tried to find time to read all the plaques and letters that various ships have put up, and always thought it was pretty cool stuff. It’ll probably be added to the cruise book, too 😉

  • Simply Awesome.

    B Z Vella Gulf

  • Forrest

    Actually, the letter isnt posted up on the ship, however, every crewmember has a copy that was there. It is in the cruisebook, along with many photos taken during the crisis. I know this because I am one of the crew of USS Vella Gulf (CG-72). I happened to have been on board and witnessed the whole crisis. if you want to know anything about what went on or anything like that, my email is commandf@cg72.navy.mil