WWII Submarine Reports On Line

February 2009


Previously highly classified, and the source for much of the books out there. John Clear EMC (SS), USN (Ret.) and Dan Martini EMCM(SS) USN, (Ret.) are credited for providing the digits. Now they’re on line at the Historic Naval Ships Association website.

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  • Nice Catch. Does anybody know if the WW II reports for other types of ships like destroyers, battleships, carriers, etc.. are online somewhere? thanks

  • Byron

    Awesome! I needed something to keep my busy this weekend 🙂 Great find, Chap!

  • This is ULTRA fantastic stuff.

  • Great news that they’ve been preserved. That’s a fascinating site too, explore the whole thing.

    Some of those reports are really hard or impossible to read though. I’m hoping to play with it some more and find a better way to read them.