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February 2009


All of a sudden, I am only getting emails about funny cats and stuff.

The Pentagon said Wednesday that top military officers and civilians had to sign a letter promising to keep details secret as they work on the military’s budget.

Defense Department press secretary Geoff Morrell told reporters that Secretary Robert Gates made the unusual request out of concern for national security. He said the department didn’t want any leaks to “unravel” the budget process.

“This is highly sensitive stuff involving programs costing tens of billions of dollars, employing hundreds of thousands of people and go to the heart of national security,” he said. “And so he wants this process to be as disciplined and as forthright as possible.

“And he thinks that by having people pledge not to speak out of school, if you will, on these matters while they are a work in progress, that you’ll create a climate in which you can ultimately produce a better product, because people can speak candidly with the confidence that it will not be leaked,” he said.

Gates remained as secretary under Obama after serving under President Bush, but this year is the first time he is requiring the non-disclosure statements.

That explains the CNO’s email the other week.

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  • Spade

    Well, a TS stamp hasn’t prevented leaks of more important things in the past out of the Pentagon, so I dunno what an additional NDA would do.

  • Byron

    I know nozzink! Nozzink!

  • sid

    It just hope there is someone behind those closed doors with the temerity of Sims who is allowed to be heard

    Otherwise, I fear we will end up with a fleet architecture composed of “Nice Rides”, supported by “Cushy Rides”. All befitting an “Employer of Choice” worthy of a JD Power Award.

  • Bill

    Too many cynics. With all the recognized outside presure groups close to the Pentagon I can undestand a desire to be able to speak with candor and not see your words in the local rag. If this causes any gas pains one shouldn’t be in the SECDEF Office or the “tank”. Maybe it is high time for today’s multi-star folk to behave themselves and live up to traditional practices of personal and offical behavior.

    If not, toss them out.

  • UltimaRatioReg

    Dare to read, think, and keep your yap shut….

    Second Sid’s emotion. I sure hope the discussions behind closed doors entail some honest “emperor has no clothes” discussions and the gag order was not a precursor to being told what to think…

  • UltimaRatioReg

    *Burma Shave*

    Oh, and Byron, EXCELLENT Schultz reference.

  • Byron

    Not hard when you got 57 years of experience at it 😉

    “Thank ya, thank ya, thank ya very much”

    And no offense to the flags (especially VADM Harvey), but what I think is going to happen is the Navy is going to run, scream, shout and then sacrifice DD(X) and CG(X) and put a stop hold on LCS. All other programs are reasonably “mature” and working (reasonably) well. I think Big Navy is scared of losing big in the upcoming fights. And if they kill the carriers, well, the Navy will just have to forfeit the oceans again, and 65 years of ocean dominance will go down the drain. Mark my words, at some point in the CINCUS term, he will, just like every other one since FDR, say, “Where are the carriers?” And he ain’t gonna like the answer, and it won’t be his fault.

    By the way, if the Navy downsizes big time, does anyone think we’ll have fewer flags or the same? Just asking…

  • Bill

    I’d sure like to hear the discussions when the price tags of additional F-22s and any Big Navy items go face to face.

  • Chap

    As I mentioned at your home blog, the unintended (?) IO effect here is “Something is being hidden”.

    I wonder how that’s going to play out. I’ve already seen some ugly stuff this year with people being told to not mention where the money is–or is not–going…

  • Chap speak with big medicine — and Sid speak as wise wolf.

  • CGB

    Does anyone know if other government departments are imposing similar restrictions?

  • VADM J. C. Harvey, Jr USN

    Byron – no offense taken. All the best, JCHjr

  • Byron

    VADM, I do believe that we are living in interesting times.

  • VADM H,

    Hey, I see you head peaking above splinter shield!

    I like the LOL Walrus myself, the bucket shtick cracks me up.

    Are you more of a fan of the LOL Cats or the LOL Rabbits? 😉

    The great thing about USNIBlog is the quality of the lurkers.

  • Low Quality Lurker

    Chap, Right on the money. A lot of backlash already from those who wanted transparency but, I imagine those are the same who wanted change. In this case, at least for the time being, perhaps change and transparency are mutually exclusive.