New Guest Blogger

March 2009


Jeffrey Withington, US Naval Academy, class of 2010 has joined us as a guest blogger. Take it easy on him…it’s his first time….posting…

Seriously, were excited to have the permission of the Naval Academy and CHINFO to allow a Midshipman to publically blog and engage in discussion. Do I hear a yes from the Coast Guard Academy? West Point? Air Force Academy?

Jeff’s post should be up tonight.

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  • UJ

    Welcome, Jeff! I look forward to reading your posts.

  • UltimaRatioReg

    Welcome aboard, Midn Withington! We be an old, grouchy, cynical, jaded, and ill-tempered lot, but there are a lot of people here who have incredible knowledge and experience. However, we do require an infusion of new blood from time to time to make us remember that we have not yet seen and learned quite everything.

    We look forward to your posts, contributions, and comment.


  • jwithington

    Thanks for the welcome and introduction! I look forward to joining the “blogosphere” and learning from those with much more experience and knowledge than myself!

  • Welcome aboard! I look forward to your posts. Dont be bashful and Keep them cards and letters coming!

  • Guilherme Azevedo

    Welcome shipmate!

    This a great example to other armed services and countries.

    As a former instructor at the Yard (2003-2005) and at its Brazilian counterpart (2005-2007), I think we should listen to the generation that “owns” internet and gives its first steps into naval career.

    Good luck, MIDN Withington.

  • Welcome aboard!