The money crunch continues:

The Navy announced plans April 14 to place a temporary hold on selected permanent change of station (PCS) moves in order to remain within budget.

The decision means that as many as 14,000 Sailors who have not already received orders may not be able to transfer until after Oct. 1 when the new fiscal year begins.

Individuals currently under orders will be allowed to rotate as planned.

Exceptions to the PCS hold include orders for Sailors separating from the service, individual augmentees and Global War On Terrorism Support Assignments (GSA), new accessions, organization moves as well as selected Joint Professional Military Education (JPME), graduate education moves and readiness moves.

I can recall this happening when cash was tight in the past, but never with five and a half months left in the fiscal year.

Posted by Chris van Avery in Navy

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  • PK

    they’re going to have to figure something out as some ships will not be able to deploy without critical positions filled and that takes pcs funds to do it.


  • Fouled Anchor

    Not including an exception for ‘PCS to an immediate deployer” is a little surprising. Those Sailors have been included in past evolutions like this.

    Do I need to point out the obvious? If FY09 PCS moves are being held until FY10, guess what happens again next year? We’ll be spending FY10 money on FY09 moves and we’ll run out again…maybe earlier. This problem has been going on at NPC for years, and it seems to come earlier every year.