Courtesy of Conrad Heibel, US Naval Institute

Courtesy of Conrad Heibel, US Naval Institute

I love Annapolis!

Bravo Zulu Mills!

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  • RickWilmes

    If my memory is correct, the Youngster Wardroom is to the right of that building.

  • jwithington

    Well, not anymore! Youngsters aren’t allowed DTA (downtown Annapolis) except for Saturdays and Sundays.

    NAFAC this week…Foreign Affairs conference with many delegates from foreign military academies. Will try to grab a picture of USNA mids and foreign mids (UK, Norway, France, and more) in front of it in celebration.

  • Chap

    Mill’s is a darn fine liquor store. And that’s from a non-ring knocker. Try their shop-imported cognac…

  • US Merchant Marine: 2
    Pirates: 0

    The Navy had an ‘assist’ on the first play;)