The USS New Orleans (LPD 18) has been put in dry dock. MarineLog has details:

The Navy signed a firm fixed price contract with ASRY, Manama, Bahrain to repair New Orleans.

The repair contract includes planning efforts, material procurement, pre-fabrication and dry dock repair work and is expected to be completed in 10 to 14 days.

The USS Hartford (SSN 768) tore a 16-by-18-foot hole in the hull of New Orleans, ripping open a fuel tank and two ballast tanks in the New Orleans (LPD 18).

That is a big ugly hole. BZ to the sailors of New Orleans who got the ship to port with no injuries. Is it just me or is the hull a bit thin down there…

Now before you go complaining about me posting these pictures on the internet, I’ll go ahead and mention that I pulled them from one of my favorite naval open source intelligence websites, also called a Chinese bulletin board.

Yes, they are mocking us.

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  • Byron

    Nothing really classified here. Nice little steel job, wouldn’t mind doing that one myself. And from the looks of it, this is the actual insert ripped out already, which means the work is well underway. I expect that the new plate has already been cut and rolled to shape, and the primer coat applied (saves time on the back end, as the paint system actually takes most of the job time). If you look at the upper left corner, you can see where someone drew the two straight lines for the upper and left vertical sides, then drew in the radius.

    Repairs to the Hartford? A LOT more expensive, and a LOT more time. I’d suspect it’d be cheaper to build a whole new sail and have it ready when the sub gets to it’s repair site.

  • Moose

    While the cost and practicality of such a move are open for debate, I’d like to see Hartford get a prototype of the Block III Viginias’ Composite Sail.

  • Stephen

    Actually, most of those comments are accusing the poster (awesomely named “damngood”) of being a “biao ti dang” (标题党) or someone who adds a particularly sexy title to an unexciting or unrelated thread in order to get more hits.

  • Byron

    Podna, I think you might be posting in a parallel universe…

  • I cut that hole.

  • I bunch of us cut that is.

  • Madre Mom

    Just fix it right. That’s all the moms want that have their sons on that big monster. Weld it right and TIGHT!

  • Jack The Diver

    I was right there with you Al. By the way everybody we did it underwater. we were going to weld it underwater to, but the thought it was a better idea to have Bahraini shipyard workers do it instead.