Busy day on COMFORT. I reported onboard COMFORT @1100 after an hour-long ferry ride from the local pier. The COMFORT is anchored off of St. John’s given its ’33 draft. On the way to the pier, my taxi driver said “Thank you to COMFORT for what you are doing.” He also asked if the COMFORT could come back next year!

After arriving onboard COMFORT, I checked in with admin, got my rack in officer over-flow berthing, and then went to lunch. (Food is pretty good on COMFORT). Saw my first surgery (more on that later) and have walked what seems miles onboard this converted oil tanker.

Tomorrow, I am going to the Multi-Cultural Center and Thursday I am going to spend the day with the Seabees who are doing a community relations project.

My sincere thanks to everyone involved for making this visit happen especially the PAO shop who had to deal with my luggage being delayed on two separate occasions with two different airlines…

More later…


P.S. Happy Nurses Week!

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  • Outstanding!

  • Bernie


    Glad to see you finally got there.

  • The University of Miami currently runnning a field hospital in Haiti would like to partner with USNS Comfort, who do we need to contact on the ground in Haiti to do this ASAP.