Sea Stories

May 2009


From the ancient of days, seafarers have been legendary for the yarns they spun and the percentage of truth found within. The Navy blogsphere is no less a venue for the same, though one may find the tale beginning with “This is no s…” Here, however, one finds compilations – from life on a CV to observations that spanned a career. Ever wonder about snakes in the cockpit and landing an F/A-18 single engine – on the ship? How about North Atlantic Ops in the Bear’s lair during the Cold War? Or just laying it on the line? And we’ve become familiar with a Date with Destiny here in these very pages. Now, while there is a distinct brown-shoe flavor to the majority of the above (some say its because we excell at swindling and trading horses – practiced regularly on the flightdeck and ready room…) point is, there’s some great tales out there worth a lunch break or two to kick back and spend a few in another world, another time without cluttering the nightstand. Any other recommendations out there?

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  • Byron

    I heartily recommend to the members of the USNI blog that they seriously should spend time reading Lex’s “Rhythms” and “Tales of the Sea Service”. It’s a great read, primarily because Lex is such a terrific wordsmith. SteelJaws scribblings are just as good. It’s sort of like the commercial: “Once you start reading, you can’t stop”.

  • Natty Bowditch

    Lex puts me to sleep.

  • Byron

    You’re the first, Natty. Probably need to check your blood pressure.