Ship’s photographer, Bill Roy, had captured a sequence of photos as Yorktown sank which disappeared in the archives over at the Naval History & Heritage Center. What was remarkable about this sequence was that it showed Yorktown going down stern first as opposed to the more commonly held belief that she went down bow first.

Now, courtesy the Battle of Midway Roundtable, the photos have been rediscovered and are available at the NHHC’s site here and here.

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  • Byron

    I’m not sure, because I don’t have the program available now, but I believe I met this gentleman. At the Midway commemoration dinner Saturday night, there was a photographer from the Yorktown who took the last photos of the Yorktown. There was also a machinists mate from Hammond that was one of the lucky few who survived the torpedos. And a Yorktown machinists mate and his bride that, ISYN, got out on the dance floor and did a very nice foxtrot. They got a standing ovation for that one!

  • sid

    War Damage Report here