This is getting annoying:

In what a U.S. military official calls an “inadvertent encounter,” a Chinese submarine hit an underwater sonar array being towed by the destroyer USS John McCain on Thursday.

The USS John S. McCain, left, anchored at the port of Incheon 40 km west of Seoul, Korea in March 2004.

The array was damaged, but the sub and the ship did not collide, the official said. A sonar array is a device towed behind a ship that listens and locates underwater sounds.

The incident occurred near Subic Bay off the coast of the Philippines.

The official, who declined to be named because the incident had not been made public, would not say whether the U.S. ship knew the submarine was that close to it.

It’s starting to feel more and more like the U.S.-Soviet relationship of the 1950s.

Posted by Chris van Avery in Maritime Security

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  • UltimaRatioReg

    Hey Yankee,

    “It’s starting to feel more and more like the U.S.-Soviet relationship of the 1950s.”

    Well-said. I hope we have the stomach for it in these times.

    Wonder if the “alternative world view” will be very useful if our potential enemies (China, Russia) and sworn enemies (Iran, NK, Venezuela) are using the same old one….

  • Ulrich Rudofsky

    I am beginning to doubt this story. You would think that by now there would be more than a single CNN story floating around.

  • UltimaRatioReg


    Interesting you should say that. I had the same thought when I could find it nowhere else. But we shall see.

  • Whoo! Whoo! Bring back the Cold War! At least it came with beer and peanuts……

    And no general order number 1.

  • Tom Murin

    Shades of the USS McCloy’s (FF-1038)encounter with a Victor III in Oct 1983 off Bermuda.

  • Benjamin Walthrop

    What if it was a collaborative training exercise that just got a little too competitive with no real harm done? Unlikely, but that is in the optimistic version of my own future state scenario/vision.

    We have not been involved in a global shooting war (or an existential war) since 1945. It could be credibly argued that we (the US) has not been involved in an existential war since 1865. This is a good record that we should seek to continue. If we can’t we repeat the Pacific campaign from WWII.


  • Ulrich Rudofsky

    A word from China about the incident: also read the “Comments”.