July 2009


“Liberty is a device for relaxation and decompression, used only when necessary.”- Plebe Summer 2009 Standing Operating Procedure, p. 26.

Always Training.

Always Training.

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  • Charlie Gonce

    Appears that he’s wearing the latest 27-Alpha-40-bravo (made that up)hydration BCG’s. Look how much water they retain around the lenses. Perfect for field expedient hydration.

  • Byron

    Doesn’t quite look like “good training” yet 🙂

  • Grampa Bluewater

    If he’s venting off fluid pressure at that size of a stream through his eye sockets, he is decompressing at an optimum rate.

  • C-dore 14

    So when did they start giving Plebes liberty during the summer?

  • jwithington

    Actually, the instruction was for the plebe summer detailers (upperclass).

  • C-dore 14


    That’s good to hear 🙂

  • Fouled Anchor

    In any scenario except BUD/S, many people will (wrongly) find that picture a depiction of hazing. Looks like some good ole fashioned tough military training…the kind that builds character. And makes you pray for liberty call.

    BZ to the photog.

  • wtdoor

    “Many,” Fouled Anchor? I think you and I use different definitions of that word.