July 20th, 1969 we came in peace for all mankind:


Forty years later an emissary returns in preparation for a return visit and longer stay:

Tranquility Base observed by the Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter, 17 July 2009

Tranquility Base observed by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, 17 July 2009

(object centered in yellow box is the descent stage of the Eagle LM)

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  • Dee Illuminati

    In 1969 The local school system bought color TV’s for all of the classrooms and installed an antena system to broadcast the event. That was in the days when a record player played the star spangled banner from a lone speaker in the front and center of a classroom. We did duck and cover drills as well~

    Having watched years of black and white television when the event actually took place I recall watching the “colors” and not the news event itself!

    Imagine those people who do not remember B&W TV, grew up with google, and space shuttle age cannot grasp the moment? I think the pictures should have stayed as they were.

  • capospin

    I was five years old that day and watched the events of that week on TV with my Mom in Long Beach CA. My Dad (21 years USN) was at sea, deployed on his CVA on Yankee Station in the South China Sea. It all seem like last week to me not 40 years ago. How outstanding it all was and still is. I also recall with great emotion what I thought at that time as well as latter on watching on TV the subsequent Apollo missions with my family. That some day I could be a part of this. It was so motivating! What we could do as a county as a people. It was not the Sifi of Star Trek but real. Real man like my Dad. It was and is a most special time and place. We must go back to the Moon and on to Mars. Pick up where we got off course. I estimate it is our destiny to do these things but so much time and money has been lost. Lets get going! If not us then who? If not now then when? The world wonders.

  • C-dore 14

    I was on Midn Summer Training Cruise at the time. In those pre-Internet, pre-Sat TV days we saw the pictures a few days later when some copies of “Stars and Stripes” arrived during an UNREP.