(via Ria Novosti)

Generally speaking, the preferred direction for a ballistic missile, especially a sub-launched one is UP

Six launch failures is also not career enhancing – at least its not off to the Gulag in the New Russia …

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  • Maybe we could send Prime Minister Putin a Bulova with a note saying, “Just change a vowel and it will work.”

  • UltimaRatioReg

    One thing about the Rooskies, though. They’re persistent. They will get this thing to work if they have to kill all the pro-Western ethnic minorities to do it….

  • Jim Dolbow

    thanks for sharing the good news SJS

  • Nick

    What kind of ship is in the pic? I thought it might be an Osa, but the superstructure looks too substantial.

  • Blowing up (hmm, poor choice of words considering the subject – maybe expanding?)the picture, I’m thinking maybe a Ropucha LST? If so, and unless there was then some special rig for a test launch (not entirely implausible as SLBMs have been tested from specially fitted barges in the past) me thinks maybe the subject picture provided by Ria Novosti was wrong (wouldn’t be the first either). OTOH, it *was* a first stage failure and fairly soon after launch…
    – SJS

  • It is a Nanuchka and it looks like a SS-N-9. Of course those are the NATO names and God knows what the Russians call them now. It is not a SLBM launch, but a SSM.

  • Jim

    Still not as good as they day they sank their own sub.

    (too soon?)

  • Benjamin Walthrop


    Too soon. Like their philosophy or not, sailors probably unnecessarily perished with the Kursk because of Russian reluctance to request assistance. Fortunately the same mistake was not made during the entanglement of the Priz (AS-28). BZ to the UK Remora Submarine rescue professionals. BZ to the Russians for sending up a red star cluster.


  • stephen russell

    Good ol Russia Tech gone awry, save thier vodka production.
    No threat here?
    Overworked Cold War sub tech since 1990s?
    Or is this a ruse?