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Posted by Jim Dolbow in History

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  • Andy (JADAA)

    How can this be?!? We were all informed, very sternly, that such things as “history” and “tradition” were NOT ‘Navy Core Values’ relatively recently, during the “kumbyyah” era. Gee, what changed? (and, sigh, will no doubt change again once somebody commissions yet another focus group study)

    Like we say up here in the Northwoods: “Good luck with that.”


  • Byron

    Not to mention, Galrhans stern admonition that all of that is not in keeping with proper Naval procedures…and no, I don’t agree with him. Now, more than ever, the Navy needs to reach out to the public to engage them. Sailors need access for recreation and keeping in contact with home. That is all nanny state thinking. Treat sailors like a adults, smack ’em hard when they act like children.

  • UltimaRatioReg

    “We were all informed, very sternly, that such things as “history” and “tradition” were NOT ‘Navy Core Values’ relatively recently, during the “kumbyyah” era.”

    Such things could lead to a warrior ethos. And we know how dangerous that can be….

  • CWO3/7441/USN(RETIRED)

    I cannot believe the comments that are being written. The statement that history and tradition were not Navy Core values is the most idiotic statement I have ever heard. It is time to discuss this. Where did this come from? I think it is an outrage and an insult to every member of the Navy, past, present, and future. It is a statement showing a true failure of leadership. It is also a statement that truly shows a complete lack of understanding of core ethical values. If it is a Navy policy statement, I believe that the USNI had better close its doors, because these statements appear to be completely contrary to everything the USNI stands for. I believe history, heritage, and tradition are essential elements to the Navy that encompasses, and strengthens core ethical values, ethos, and leadership to mention a few. All are interdependent and to imply otherwise is to discredit the service, and is an insult to all that have and still serve.

  • UltimaRatioReg


    It may take some archive searching, but comments to that effect (lack of relevance of history), and to the effect that a warrior ethos was not only unimportant, but to be avoided, have been made on many occasions on this site. Not official Navy, to my knowledge, but certainly enough to reflect the mindset of some surprisingly senior leaders in said Navy. Which, I agree, is a head-scratcher.