An announcement from DoD. Don’t know what to make of this yet, as I could see this being a rather unfiltered hotch-potch of gripes and complaints that may surround a valuable nugget here and there. But, read below:


The Department of Defense today launched a new home page, , designed to invite participation from the public and make military news and information more accessible. The new Web site will provide quick access to those sites that are most sought by Web site visitors, including DoD social media sites, the Pentagon Channel and DoD news stories.

Prominent on the new home page is a new “We Want to Hear From You” feature that will give users the opportunity to ask questions of Defense Department leaders, vote on policy issues they want explained, and explore frequently asked questions and answers. The new site, , replaces as the department’s main Internet entry portal. DefenseLink will remain a news Web site and may be accessed from Visit us online: .


It certainly looks like an attempt at grass-roots exchanges. I could certainly imagine some good coming from policy questions that get funny interpretations below DoD that always seem to cost our service members money or leave time, or cause general consternation and frustration.

And who knows? It could turn into a sea lawyer’s Wikipedia, or a great way to explain the reasons behind why some things are the way they are…

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