In a story on the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence’s website:

“The world is ready to share our Naval experience”, says Secretary of Defence.

Sri Lanka Navy is one of the best Naval wings in the world.

The world is ready to share the experience of the Sri Lanka Navy’s capability of defeating terrorism. The Sri Lanka Navy is considered one of the most powerful Naval troops in the world to have defeated and disabled the LTTE sea wing.

Speaking at the ceremony in tribute of the gallant Naval personnel at the Navy Dockyard in Trincomalee, yesterday (Aug 28), chief guest Defence Secretary Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa said the Naval troops were dedicated to protect the nation and had made an immense contribution in defeating terrorism.

“I praise their efforts and dedication in protecting the territorial integrity, sovereignty and unity of the motherland,” he added.

He observed that the Naval troops were the main obstacle to the LTTE cadres in bringing arms and weapons via sea.

“The Navy destroyed eight of the LTTE floating stores (vessels) in the local and international seas. This prevented the LTTE from bringing in arms and face severe shortage of arms and weapon during the last battle against the Security Forces,” he added.

Secretary Defence said the Naval troops maintained logistic needs and lifelines to the North. When the Sea Tigers attempted to attack the Jet Liner ship carrying unarmed troops, it was foiled by the sailors in action.

The LTTE’s strategic move to take over the Trincomalee harbour and attack the Security Forces installations was thwarted by the Naval troops.

Her further asserted that the Sri Lanka Navy is one of the best Naval wings in the world which destroyed the terrorist movement in the sea with its limited resources and technology.

“The Navy using its Special Boat Squadron (SBS) destroyed many of the LTTE suicide boats and movements in the sea. There are countries which possessed high sophisticated sea power but were unable to prevent terror movements.

Many countries had requested the Defence Ministry to let them share the experience of the Sri Lanka Navy. Foreign defence delegations wanted to come to Sri Lanka and acquire techniques of the Sri Lanka Navy,” he said.

Sri Lanka Navy members will be sent abroad to enlarge their experience and acquire more knowledge in Maritime work, he said.

Mr. Rajapaksa emphasized that the Sri Lanka Navy will have greater responsibility in the future to protect our territorial waters and prevent illegal activities.

He also thanked the Indian Government for facilitating the acquisition of this vessel for the Sri Lankan Government. “The gesture of goodwill by the Indian Government will strengthen the bilateral relations and build better cooperation between the two neighbouring countries,” he added.

Lots of lessons to learned here for sure.

Scratch one non-state actor Navy. I remember years ago, I wanted to write an article entitled non-state actor navies in review but did not because of security concerns. I am glad the Sri Lankan Navy helped to write the last chapter of the Sea Tigers.

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