210050Yesterday, Commander Matt Ovios of the USS Ingraham talked about the ship’s role in the relief and assistance effort on American Samoa. The USS Ingraham arrived 36 hours after the island was struck by an earthquake and tsunami.

According to Commander Ovios, Ingraham’s most useful resources were its SH-60 and manpower. American Samoa has no local helicopters, so, combined with a Coast Guard C-130, the Ingraham offered valuable aerial surveillance. Furthermore, the Ingraham deployed around of its 120 sailors for three days to clear debris. One hundreds and twenty sailors is a serious number, the ship’s typical crew compliment is approximately 200.

How did the crew feel about the mission? “As soon as we pulled alongside the pier, I had sailors chomping at the bit to … help out American citizens in need”.

Edit: Commenter Pat is correct about Marine component, post edited to reflect that.

Posted by Christopher Albon in Navy

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  • Pat

    Two things:
    1- It’s not “the USS” anything. “The USS Ingraham” (and “the Ingraham”, for that matter) is both non-traditional and incorrect.
    2- FFGs haven’t deployed with Marines since… ever, as far as I know.

  • I double-checked and you are correct about the Marines. Posted edited. Thanks!

    I see no problem with using definite articles.

  • John

    That’s outstanding! BZ to the crew for lending a fast and strong hand in this matter. Hopefully everyone involved will receive the Humanitarian medal. Since this a joint effort between the Navy and the CG, a JSAM could be in order here for everyone directly involved.

  • Byron

    Those are FFG sailors. Lots of “can do!” attitudes aboard them.

  • Pam

    My son is on the USS INGRAHAM FFG61.
    And he was very proud to lend a hand to help anyone there that needed it. Americans or otherwise.
    So whomever is bickering about who is helping who, needs to shut up or put up.

  • Byron

    Pam, no one is talking trash about Ingraham, one of us thinks they deserve an award (and I agree). Since I’ve worked aboard these great little ships since they were brand new, I already knew they had great crews.

  • KC

    My son is also on the USS Ingraham. Very honored to have been able to help. Thanks to all who have helped and to our entire U.S. military for their duty to our country!! God bless and keep them all!