And so it begins…Go Navy! Beat Army!

Do you have a blog or website? You can join our team here: Team Navy. Team Navy is also grateful to have the support of all you Coast Guard Bloggers out there who don’t have an official team this year!

Don’t have a blog or website? No problem, you can still help us spread the word and get donations through Facebook, Twitter, email and plain old word-of-mouth.

Why help us? Every cent raised goes toward the same cause, Valour-IT from Soldier’s Angels, helping those wounded warriors by providing laptops with voice activated software, Nintendo Wiis for therapy and GPS units for those suffering short term memory loss issues from TBI. Reach me at [email protected] if you have questions. We’ll be updating with stories and Team progress and you can make a donation here!

Read this superb post at HG’s World on Why I Joined the Navy. Which he didn’t but he’s supporting Team Navy as a tribute to his father and brother. Well done HG!

Update: The Admonition also joins Team Navy, “In honor of my dad who passed away this year, he was a sailor.” Nice!

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  • Donated, and linked another squid participant.
    Go Navy!

  • Todd

    Posted to facebook and twitter. Will get a donation made as well. Great charity. Looked at them before. GO NAVY!!!

    AT2 USN 1986-1992

  • What a great charity! Posting to Facebook and Twitter…..Tom Pugh

  • on board… post up we need a Face Book page (CG has one)

  • spd rdr

    For Pete’s sake, shipmates, we are getting totally embarrassed by the Marines. Please do not tell me that the blue and gold cannot pony up enough quid to overwhelm the jarheads in support our brothers-in-arms. Just one single buck from every member of the USS George H. W. Bush, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, the USS Abraham Lincoln, and USS John Stennis would forever bury any notion that Sea Power means more than simply projecting military might. NAVY means the single greatest, most mobile, most irresistable vehicle for rapidly changing whatever is wrong anywhere on the globe, anytime, for any friend, and against any enemy.

    This time, my friends, it’s our own guys who are in need of a hand.

    What say you?

  • Some Soldier’s Mom

    Here is the official Project Valour-IT event page on Facebook.

    Or are you saying Team Navy should have it’s own?

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