Small Wars Journal has crossed over to help Team Navy “Now Hear This…” 

We really, really, try to avoid inter-service rivalries but will make an exception in this one case – because it is for a really good and noble cause, we were asked to help out Team Navy and we like underdogs. Via e-mail from Project Valour-IT shipmate Maggie……

Dave’s already had his tag’s removed by the Quantico MPs!

Bacon does it again on Broadside Blog at Navy Times: here and here


Lex sends “A Letter to My Shipmates”, beautifully written as always.

National Review is also Helping out the Milbloggers for a Worthy Cause

And even one of our competitors, reminds of this story written at her blog Villanous Company

Memories are powerful yet elusive things. Unruly and capricious, they resist our determined attempts to summon or lock them away. Dancing slyly at the borders between desire and imagination, they return unexpectedly to torment us when our defenses are down or, perversely, brush against us like purring kittens offering comfort and uncomplicated joy. They are preserved, reinforced and evoked by stories, rituals and traditions, symbols, as a scent carried on a breeze, a favorite song, the slant of light on someone’s hair or a stolen glance across a crowded room.

We will never know what memories Bill Krissoff has of his son Nathan.

What we do know is what they have inspired him to do: at the age of 61, Bill Krissoff is closing his medical practice and following his son to Iraq.

Because 42 is the Navy’s age cutoff for medical officer enlistees, Krissoff was initially told that joining would be a difficult and lengthy process. So he pressed the issue and asked for the needed waiver from the highest authority he could find – President Bush. Krissoff met Bush in August at an American Legion convention in Reno. The doctor described the personal meeting he had with the president immediately following the convention as a solemn experience with a small group of families grappling with the loss of loved ones in war.

Krissoff says Bush asked each family what he could do for them.

Krissoff told the president he wanted to serve.

After a brief moment, Bush deferred to Krissoff’s wife, Christine, who has consistently supported her husband’s decision. Krissoff says he pressed Bush about the matter with humor.

“‘Sir, I’d like to serve but they told me I’m too old, but I’m younger than you, sir,'” Krissoff says, telling the story with a rare grin.

Go Navy! Go America! Go Families!

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