Last week, I was honored to be invited on board USS John C. Stennis while it conducted Carrier Qualifications off the coast of San Diego. Over the next few days, I will be posting a short series on the trip and USS John C. Stennis. I just arrived home last night, so for now here is a short photo spread from the embark. Enjoy!


An aircraft catapult shuttle sits before the day’s flight operations.


A sailor’s rack deep into the ship.


A trap during nighttime Carrier Qualifications.


Corpmen at a battle dressing station relax with videogames. Hours later, this same BDS was used to conduct a medical evacuation of a serious injury.


A F/A-18E Super Hornet waits on the deck for another aircraft to trap.


Wardroom 3 between meals.


PAO action shot. PAO officer explains the “oh-s$%t handle” on the back of float vests: “Don’t take it personally if you get manhandled, it just means someone sees danger that you don’t”.


USS John C. Stennis is the only carrier with a Starbucks trained barista. Now, sailors can enjoy a Grande Chai Soy Half-Whip Mocha Latte with Cinnamon on board. All profits go to the Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) fund.

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  • claudio

    Highly recommend the Dirty Shirt Wardroom on the O3. Much more fun that the one down below and the dog is pretty good too. She didn’t have a Starbucks during the 98 cruise. Guess times change.

  • SJBill

    Great pics! I hope to be aboard, Monday and Tuesday, health willing (and it hasn’t been till today).

    Will be in the Dirty Shirt Wardroom, for sure! Thx for the heads-up Claudio. Will try and bring some fresh roasted beans, too.

  • Abe

    I had to check wikipedia, which has the Stennis’ home port as Bremerton, WA.

    Starbucks barista and Bremerton. Coincidence?

  • Gerry Keenan

    Great photo’s.If you have a chance to check on marine Lcpl. Daniel R. Keenan VFMC 323 Maintenece tell him his dad says hello.