Valour – IT: Helping Veterans

November 2009


Veteran’s Day. A day to celebrate the living and this is one way to help them

The last day for Valour-IT. Go Team Navy!

We’re almost there and well, look what Lex has threatened to do:

“Tomorrow is Veterans Day, which means that this year’s VALOUR-IT drive has just a little more than 24 hours to run. If you haven’t had the opportunity to drop what little (or much) you can in the till for Team Navy, I’d take it as a kindness for you to make time. Even as little as five bucks.

Or else I shoot the dog.”

Yikes! Seriously, you can make a difference! And save a dog. Click on the Navy bar above of the themometer to your right.

Happy Veterans Day to all who have served and are serving. It’s an honor to be surround by all of you.

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  • The Bunny

    As a dog lover, I have a visceral reaction to the image of the doge with a gun to his head. Can we replace it with something else?