MidratsWhat does that make? Why, Midrats – of course!

I’ll let you determine who is what – but Galrahn, Eagle1, and I are starting Navy Milblog radio today with Episode 1: Back at 2009 – Forward to 2010.

As all “first in class” can have some “unique issues” – we ask for your patience – but mostly we ask for you to join in today 1700R/2200Z. We’ll start taking calls at 1730Z.
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  • I’ll be listening…but I’ll stick with M&Ms and other gedunk.

  • Byron

    I’ll be there for the next one, CDR. Got to listen to some pretty good stuff. Next time, gonna have the phone, the number, and notes from the first hour. Speaking of notes, who wanted to let the damn State Dept. be the point on the pirate problem?