May 2009 photo of the USNS COMFORT, one of the U.S. Navy's two hospital ships. Photo by Jim Dolbow.
May 2009 photo of the USNS COMFORT, one of the U.S. Navy’s two hospital ships. Photo by Jim Dolbow.

Highlights from USNS Comfort Captain Aims To Bring Hope To Haiti:

The COMFORT is slated to leave Baltimore, MD by Saturday morning.

Expects to arrive in Haiti by 22 January.

Equipped for 250 beds and 4 operating rooms.

God Speed men and women of COMFORT!  I just wish it was faster than 17.5 knots!

Project Hope is recruiting volunteers to serve on this open-ended mission.  Click here to register.

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  • Benjamin Walthrop

    Indeed god speed to the USNS Comfort.

    As an interesting side note, we’ve actually stumbled upon a situation where speed matters. I wonder what other scenarios that may apply too.


  • Jay

    Haiti related (port): Navy has been exercising JLOTS (Joint Logisitcs Over The Shore) capabilities with the Army (some USAF & USMC) between 1997 & now. We have the equipment & the trained people — time to execute!

    One reason for JLOTS it is to enable a degraded port.

    Reminder to all: JLOTS is very fragile (weather dependant). As long as there is decent weather, should be good-to-go, but a complicated evolution.

    (Sorry to highjack COMFORT post…)

  • Joann

    Godspeed and my thoughts and prayers are with all of you on the ship and the extroardinary challenge you are now embarking on.

  • Debby

    My corpsman son is on the USNS Comfort. I’m proud of him and all the crew. My prayers will be with you and am anxious for your safe return. I love you Jonathan!

  • Joyce Campbell

    I just want to let HM2 Cassandra Campbell know that her family loves her very, very much and is very proud of her and we are keeping her and all on the USNS Comfort in our prayers. GREAT JOB!!!!

  • Glenn Showalter

    We’re praying for you as you try to do the impossible and stressful mission off the coast of Haiti. Keep up the great work.
    God bless you all. GS