USNI Blog has received many inquiries from medical personnel across the country interested in volunteering aboard the Navy hospital ship USNS COMFORT. We are so proud of our readers.

Please expess your interest in serving to Project Hope.

Project Hope has partnered with the U.S. Navy for over 50 years. They are currently taking applications for volunteers. Please go here to volunteer.

Project Hope rocks! I saw them in action aboard COMFORT last year. I want to go to medical school just so I can volunteer with them.

Good luck with your applications! Remember, Haiti relief operations are a marathon and not a sprint so dont despair if you are not down there next week.

Thank you. Please keep us posted.

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  • Patricia Mertes

    I am an advanced practice RN (Family Nurse Practitioner), experienced with medical mission volunteerint (Peru, Sri Lanka post tsunami, and annually to Honduras post Hurricane Mitch). Very interested in volunteering for Haiti…even if it’s a few months from now.

  • eduardo francis

    Orthopaedic and Traumatologist surgeon, practicing in Venezuela, interested give some help to Haiti injured people. Can travel there upon request. Thank you.

  • Jim Dolbow

    Patricia and Eduardo

    Please contact Project Hope at Thanks again for expressing your interest

  • @all is looking for medical volunteers for Haiti.

  • Jean Mariot Cleophat

    My name is Jean Mariot Cleophat, I’m currently living in Haiti, I’m English/French and Haitian Creole translator,

    I want to give my assistant to the volunteer coming to Haiti as a translator, I’m also a health and Safety Specialist, OSHA certified. I can help in construction too. I’m also a journalist.

    I won’t charge for my translation services.