Slide6Nice to see Admiral Harvey give a little love to Logistics Over the Shore in Haiti on his blog here:

One capability we are bringing to bear that I find particularly interesting is our Navy Logistics Over-The-Shore (LOTS). With the damage to Haiti’s port, the investments in Military Sealift Command’s NLOTS are proving invaluable. With the maritime prepositioning ship, USNS 1ST LT. JACK LUMMUS (T-AK-3011), we are able to transfer large construction equipment and up to 200 twenty foot equivalent units (TEUs) per day ashore (roughly half the capacity of Haiti’s port in Port-Au-Prince before the earthquake). Over the coming weeks, USNS LUMMUS will be joined by the CAPE MARY, GOPHER STATE, CORNHUSKER STATE, and PETERSBURG – which will increase our TEU capacity to 1500 per day and offshore petroleum discharge capacity to 300,000 gallons per day. If you are interested, I have posted a LOTS overview here. Our Logistics Hub at GTMO, our Sea Base, and our LOTS are all impressive capabilities our Navy has established in Haiti and have greatly relieved the significant pressure on Haiti’s airport, seaport, and hospitals.

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