One of my favorite events at USNI conferences are the book signings. I had the opportunity to interview several Naval Institute Press authors this year at USNI AFCEA West 2010. Here’s my interview with Kit Lavell, author of Flying Black Ponies: The Navy’s Close Air Support Squadron in Vietnam. Talk about history with a purpose as lessons learned from the Navy’s close air support in Vietnam has saved many lives in Iraq today.

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  • Chuck Hill

    Flying OV-10s?

  • Chuck Hill


    Boeing is planning on offering an updated version. “On 3 February 2010, during the Singapore Air Show, Boeing announced that the international interest for the plane was such, that it would go on with its development even in the case it failed to win the USAF tender for 100 light reconnaissance aircraft.[6]”

    6. “Singapore Air Show 2010: Boeing pins hopes on revived Bronco” – Jane’s News Brief

  • I like the Bronco as much as the next guy, but what can it bring that an MQ-9 can’t?

  • Jim Dolbow

    Thanks Chuck and XBradTC for commenting. The lessons learned had more to do about tactics and procedures and equipment instead of platforms.

  • Salty

    Did the author say that the Navy OV-10 squadron killed more enemy than all the shipboard aircraft combined during the Viet Nam war?