Dr. Thomas Hone pulled double duty at USNI AFCEA West 2010 as both a panelist and one of the authors at Wednesday’s book signing. Dr. Hone co-authored along with his son Trent of Battle Line: The United States Navy 1919-1939.

Thomas Hone and Trent Hone describe how a Navy desperately short of funds and men nevertheless pioneered carrier aviation, shipboard electronics, code-breaking, and (with the Marines) amphibious warfare-elements that made America’s later victory in the Pacific possible.

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  • UltimaRatioReg


    Great interview. Began the book last night(thanks, SWMBO), and it is superb.

  • Barry

    I’m going to find this book; it sounds great!

  • Jim Dolbow

    @URR thanks and enjoy the book. All yours if you want to do a book review.

    @ Barry I hope you find the book.