Go Navy! Beat Snowstorm!

February 2010


Major thanks to all of the MIDN who were out of the Yard today and helping people get shoveled out.

For myself, I had an email from our intrepid blogger MIDN1/c Withington who asked if I needed help. Turns out I was good…but my brother [slacker!] who escaped south with his children, has neighbors along his drive who are wheelchair bound.

On my way to Gate 1 to pick up MIDN Withington, I stopped on College Ave and Shang Hai’d [with permission] two other generous MIDN [unsuspecting fools!] who immediately volunteered. Note that the houses downtown are 10 ft from the curb.

This driveway was at least 100 yds.

Thanks to :

MIDN 3/c Alexander King, 11th Company, USNA

MIDN 3/c Amber Jeter, 11th Company, USNA

MIDN 1/c Jeff Withington, 13th Company, USNA

Here’s the photo…they’re smiling through the pain…[see that house way in the distance…that’s a long way]



One last note, a Marine neighbor showed up at the same time and immediately set them on their mission.  

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  • YNSN

    No NWU?

  • Great post!

    Good for you MIDNs King, Jeter & Withington.

  • BZ.

  • LT B

    BZ MIDN. You did the academy and the Navy proud!