Clear, direct D&G = AU

February 2010


Like a man dying of thirst – there is nothing of greater value or need than a clear, cool, and soothing glass of water. Simple, yet essential.

A Commander’s Direction and Guidance must be the same. We have all suffered under unreadable and opaque D&G that is so infused with consultant-speak, hedging, and posturing that the mind aches to find anything you can use.

I would like you to try this on for size.

If you have not had the chance, I highly recommend you read ADM J.C. Harvey Jr.’s Commander’s Guidance as CFFC. Get your copy here. For such a document, it is short at 6 pages – and meaty.

Read it twice. Leaders – benchmark the style – make this the new normal.

Hold him accountable – it is a safe assumption he would want you to. Run with it.

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  • Grandpa Bluewater

    Somebody on the staff can write. Could it be the Admiral?

    Accountability, open and honest communication, and decisive action.
    In the opposite corner, political correctness and CYA.


  • an old steam snipe

    Seem to be about 5 1/2 pages too long.

  • YNSN

    Wonderful, We have the first step, the cornerstone even, in place.
    Now then, to the next step. How do we get NETC to coordinate with this guidance to ensure that the new Sailors coming to the Fleet are prepared for this?

    With a ‘full court press’ on improving standards we can have many of the issues facing us corrected within the decade. I’m not worried about RTC, unless things have changed drastically in 3 years, they’re good to go. We just need A-schools to do a better job in maintaining the bearing instilled at Boot. In addition to better-actionable knowledge imparted at A and C schools. “You’ll learn it in the Fleet” doesn’t work any more, and we’ve been burning the other end of the candle for a while in the amount of time and depth of knowledge allowed in A/C schools, IMHO.

    Lastly along these lines, we need to get NKO up to speed and a system in place to where the contractors that E 4/5s are made to babysit while they work actually are required to instruct them. Sometime like a journeymen program written into the contract that anything the contractor knows they must teach the Sailor… Something like that.

    As far as NKO, A friend of mine from USS LAST SHIP posted this on their facebook today: “Just got off the boat and all I can say is NKO is the navy’s way of telling us there to many idiots in the navy we don’t have enough people that know what the f___ is going on, so teach yourself!!!!!!!”. ‘Nuff said.

    Full-court press. To follow the good Admiral’s guidance to it’s fullest we’ll need NKO to evolve (Army Knowledge Online is a good benchmark for where NKO needs to be… We won’t let them beat us at football, but in instructing enlisted, we let them win?) and the A and C schools to to hold the standard set in Boot.

    We can have a good solution to many of the issues the Blogosphere constantly harps on by the close of the decade. Admiral Harvey is a great man. This is one of the best directives (does this count as a directive/instruction?.. I know I am the YN, I should know.) I’ve read. The best effort I have yet seen to correct issues in the Fleet by taking a systemic approach and focusing on the fundamentals.