The Navy is getting underway as Hawaii prepares for an incoming tsunami.

The latest news, with about an hour and a half to go before the tsunami arrives, is that 4 naval vessels are getting underway to ride out the tsunami at sea, and some naval housing complexes are being evacuated.

Though the strategic impact of this tsunami is likely to be low, it might be an interesting exercise to consider what the impact of a larger event might be. So, this morning, as we wait, we ask the readers to weigh in. Is the Navy too vulnerable to natural disasters? Are we putting “too many eggs in too few baskets”?

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  • jwithington

    As ADM Harvey pointed out:

    “I see three carriers on the waterfront, and I know Northrop Grumman [shipyard] is holding hostage four more carriers across the James River — I say that with love — in refueling, repairs, and so forth. I stop, and I think, and I’m looking at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel” — which spans the mouth of the channel Navy warships take to and from their base.

    “A bad 30 minutes, from weather, from man-made accidents, from terrorism — 30 bad minutes at that tunnel, and we’ve got half the Navy’s carrier fleet, plus all of its East Coast repair and construction [facilities], bottled up for who knows how long,” he said.”

    I believe QDR outlined plans to open up Mayport to house carriers…

  • Jay

    “Strategic Homeporting” was a big deal during the early 80s, supposedly for strategic reasons — seemed more for $ into diff Congressional districts (Naval Station Staten Island, anyone?). That seems not to have changed all that much.

    The cost to spread the Navy around — can be an arguement against — especially the logistics piece — when balanced against the threat.

    As it is — carriers are in what — 5 home ports? At some point — does a 6th (especially if just for one carrier) really get you “more” safety? (I am sure some Florida Congressional Office has some “data” supporting same, and a Virginia Office has the opposite view…)

  • Byron

    Us yardbirds in Mayport would rather you keep the CVs in Norfolk, and send us three or four gators instead. Hard to believe, yes, but true.