There are things that give you pause and make you wonder where our compass went to.

There is one way for a nation to show its gratitude.

The father of a Marine killed in Iraq and whose funeral was picketed by anti-gay protesters was ordered to pay the protesters’ appeal costs, his lawyers said Monday.

On Friday, Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ordered Snyder to pay $16,510 to Fred Phelps. Phelps is the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, which conducted protests at Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder’s funeral in 2006.

And there is another.

Are we a Navy-Marine Corps family? What can we do? Well, there are the simple things – like voicing support for Lance Cpl. Snyder’s family. We can also do what we can to offset the costs – and I will update this post as that information comes forward. The American Legion is filing an Amicus Brief with the Supreme Court on this, and TheBurnPit is tracking as well . For now, these things we can do.

It is OK to feel outrage – but take that outrage and focus it in a positive manner. Help the family – and do not let this stand in the culture. Support and defend; in a large measure, that is what families do.

UPDATE: Payments via credit card can be processed at this link.

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  • Jay

    Phelps and his ilk are beyond words of disgust. What an ugly perversion of religion and free speech.

    It appears they conduct themselves as to invite reaction and then sue folks who do react…

    I googled their noxious conduct — and found this gem (how to deal with them) from the trial of the criminals who murdered Matthew Shephard:

    “Romaine Patterson was the original creator of Angel Action. Patterson was Matthew Shepard’s friend. During the Shepard murder trials Romaine discovered that Fred Phelps had scheduled a picketing outside the court house. Patterson and her friends designed and built “big ass wings.” On the day of the WBC’s picket Romaine and her friends donned the7-foot wings, silently walked out and stood in front of the protesters in complete silence. The WBC were blocked from view, anyone who was passing into the trial only saw the angels. Angel Action was a beautiful statement of peace overcoming evil.”

  • Lou

    I’ve often wondered if Phelps and his bunch are a false flag operation – note that he hasn’t attacked the Iraq war itself – intended to provoke and legitimize nationalist reactions, like the Patriot Guard or whatever the flagwaving motorcycle gang was which offered “protection” against them.

    But this fine against Lance Corporal Snyder’s family is as grave an injustice as our legal establishment has ever levied on anyone. There is NO excuse for it, and our legal system itself should be held accountable.

  • Jim Dolbow

    Time to start impeaching and removing some judges

  • MaryR

    This is completely shameful.

  • eastriver

    Thanks for posting this – and the links for assistance, CDR. Glad to help. Saddened beyond belief that I have to.

  • News just in, Bill O’Reilly to pay the Snyder’s legal bills.

  • Steve Nemmers

    As one Marine to another’s father….Hang in there Mr. Snyder! We’ve got your back. Your sacrifice is the utmost and we’ll carry you from here on.

  • Lou,

    Apparently, Phelps is a total nutbag. He and his cronies actually did praise Saddam and protest against the US in Baghdad.


  • Francis Dane

    Glenn Beck has already written a check to pay for the $16,500 in fees. Perhaps a publicity stunt, but there you are. There are rumors that Phelps has upped his legal fee request to $90K, but I am a lawyer can tell you that Phelps can’t do that without court approval. The $16,500 in fees was awarded by the 4th Circuit and any increase would have to be approved by the 4th Circuit, which will never happen.

  • Francis,

    I believe it was Bill O’Reilly not Glenn Beck

  • Lou

    From the moment in August 2002 that I heard from a reliable source that we were going to invade Iraq “regardless” … of justification, human or fiscal cost, and more … I did everything I possibly could both publicly and privately to try to stop it.

    Nonetheless, I appreciate our servicepeople following their orders as they must in a democracy, and I (too) have made some personal donations to our personnel in Iraq. And the desecration of our fallen’s funerals … and the further hurting of their families … should be punished with utmost severity.

    It does, however, appall me to see warmongering chickenhawks like O’Reilly or Beck attaching themselves to this.

  • Lou,
    For once, can we keep 2005 politics out of this?

  • Lou

    We have a right and responsibility to lay those cards on the table, so that our services are not so badly misused again, ultimately to their and the Country’s destruction, Sal.

    (Why did you limit the politics to 2005?)

    If China is edging towards a confrontation – although if they are prepared to join in sanctions against Iran, that is a hopeful sign they may be reconsidering – we’d better be conserving and preparing our assets while we can, not expending/wasting them in yet more Southwest Asian wars of attrition.

  • Lou,
    You imply that the effort in Iraq was a poor use of blood and treasure. That is your opinion – I and others may not agree with you …. but …. that is a topic that we should not use up comments on this post about.

  • Lou

    Well, the purpose of my initial remark was to show that even someone who deeply opposed the invasion of Iraq nonetheless believes our servicepeople and their families should be helped and protected, Sal, and that was germane.

  • Byron

    Nah, Lou, be honest; you just wanted to scream, “BUSH LIED! IT’S ABOUT THE OIL!” just one more time. Shame on you for dragging politics into a discussion of an old warriors honor and the honor of the Corps.

  • Lou

    No, Byron, and it is smear job hacks like you who helped get our Country and services into the (strategic and economic) MESS we’re in by attacking legitimate opinion.

    You shame only yourself.

    Sal does have a point about keeping to the topic of the blog, so I suggest you do so, too.