From the USNI archives:

Carrier landings are some of the most difficult and technical tasks for naval aviators. This was certainly the case in WWII. In July 1942, early in the campaign against the Japanese empire, a young pilot was forced to make an emergency landing after running to enemy fighters during a desperate attack on a key military installation. The pilot, Jek Tono Porkins, was the commander of Red Squadron for only a short time before crashing into the deck. He suffered substantial injuries but survived to take part in an attack on a similar installation two movies later. A photographer snapped just one picture of the crash:

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  • UltimaRatioReg

    That’s some damn fine work…..

  • Derrick

    Considering the effort it took to photoshop that pic of the X-Wing fighter into the original photo…yeah…it’s not easy. The guy seemed to have added the shadows in correctly too…

    Someone’s got time on their hands…

  • Ahhh, the force is strong with that one.

  • Jack Osborne

    Actually he missed the top wing shadow on the bottom wing. But it a very good picture of what really happened in his mind!

  • SwitchBlade

    I wonder how the R2 did on the wooden decks. Might have been a bumpy roll!

  • Paul

    Umm– the Incom T-65 is a VTOL space aircraft and should be landed in such a mode when either in a terra OR space environment. Plus, the pilot did not read the training circulars which clearly state that “S-foils should only be deployed into an attack position before entering combat, and then closed for cruising for all others…”

    The R-2 unit was not doing it’s job and should be scrapped immediately. They’re there to stop such events from happening.

    Clearly a fleetwide stand down of all crews of Incom T-65 snub fighters to review launch and recovery procedures should happen immediately…

  • excellent snapshot

  • DG

    Maybe…its a trap?

  • Master Yoda

    A long time ago in a galaxy not so far from here…


    The only plane we had at the time that could take a Zero.