Of course, it would be rude to say, “Nominate Us,”

The 2010 Fourth Annual MILbloggies has officially kicked off today, and runs through April 7, 2010 until 11:59 PM EST. The MILbloggies are currently in the nomination phase, which will last until Saturday, April 3 11:59 PM. The top 5 nominees in each eligible category then move into the Voting Phase starting Sunday, April 4.

You can keep track of the nomination standings in real time on Milblogging.com here.

You must register and sign in to Milblogging.com to nominate a military blog and you can nominate as many blogs as you want in each category, but you can only nominate the same blog once. Registration is free and we do not send spam, but it’s required in order to vote and to eliminate bogus nominations/votes.

– but, if you are so inclined, you can click here and Nominate Us.

From Salamander,

“Rude? Sure – but this will be the first MilBlog Conference I will be at in person, so I thought that would be an excuse to be self-focused, and I’m needy.”

“If you decide to not be my friend and want to make a grown man pout like you read about, then you can always nominate other folks – but really.”
Nominate now and vote later when I tell you, and everyone will be just fine.
Well Sal…and here we thought you were a team player. No “I” in team, friend! Besides you’ve already won an award. This would be a first for the Naval Institute blog!
No worries, we sure you meant us!

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  • Well – it is all about me, isn’t it?

  • Byron

    Don’t forget the dog. SWMBO: Right now, Phib has you outbid 🙂


    There may not be an “I” in team, but there is a “me”. Or at least the parts to make one, anyway.

  • No, Commander, it is not all about you….

  • UltimaRatioReg

    Oh, here we go….

  • YNSN


  • Byron

    Crap, Maggie’s listening in… 😉