Very good words to give to the future leaders in the Navy of a Representative Republic. Via Earl Kelly at The Capital,

Speaking at the Naval Academy last night, Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates told the midshipmen there would come a time in their careers when bucking authority will be necessary.

“Mark my words, the time will come for each of you when you must stand alone and make an unpopular decision,” said Gates, who as secretary of defense and a career Central Intelligence Agency employee and director has served under eight presidents.

He told the 4,400-member Brigade of Midshipmen that good leaders “create a climate that encourages candor among subordinates.”

In the tradition of Sims, Connolly and others, follow the SECDEF’s advice, and ignore the poor example others may show you.

Nicely put for the folks at USNA – right place at the right time. Very good.

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  • “Leadership by Example”.

  • BJ Armstrong

    When SECDEF speaks at USAF functions he always envokes the ghost of COL John Boyd. His example is one that all officers, whether starting their careers at Annapolis or moving on to to command level assignments, can and should learn from.

  • YNSN

    My god… Did he really?! Close enough for me: I’ll say he was paraphrasing Boyd. “You can either be somebody, or do something with your career. You can’t do both.”

    I am right there with you BJ.

    He is officially my favorite Secretary of anything we’ve every had.