I agree with Cdr. Salamander about not speaking more of the dead so I will let the Jack Murtha speak for himself about how bribes work in this YouTube video.

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  • Byron

    And we’re going to name a ship after this dirtbag (for want of a better, more appropiate word)?

  • How about speaking ill of the undead? Once this vessel gets that name attached, that’s pretty much what Murtha will be.

    This is no different than naming a Hospital Ship after Ted Kennedy.

  • UltimaRatioReg

    “This is no different than naming a Hospital Ship after Ted Kennedy.”

    NO, nothing like that. Perhaps if the Navy developed a submersible car….

  • Mark Toomey

    Massachusetts Maritime Academy change its training ship name from the “T.S. Enterprise” to “The Kennedy” in honor of the Kennedy family in 2008.

  • Spade

    Currently there is not ship named: Ranger, Hornet (don’t give me that F/A-18 crap), Constellation, Yorktown, Lexington, Intrepid, or Vincennes. The list of MOH awardees from the Navy and Marines who currently don’t have ships named for them is too long to post.

  • UltimaRatioReg

    What Spade said!

  • Jay

    Concur with Spade. I am not big on naming ships after any politician (Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, etc.) whether they served in the Navy or any other service, or not.

    I think naming ships after Naval/USMC battles, other service battles, previous distinguished ships, or Medal of Honor winners is the right course of action.

    Stay classy gents, speak ill of the dead on some other blog…

  • Thomas J Sutherland

    To name any Navy Vessel after this man. After what he did to the Marines who were wrapped up in the Haditha affair, is simply unbelievable! A total outrage! He smeared men without a shread of proof. there is no denying that.


    I agree with Spade and URR. If we have to name ships after politicians, how about the USS Cockroach?

  • UltimaRatioReg

    “Stay classy gents, speak ill of the dead on some other blog”

    Perhaps there would be less acrimony if Congressman Murtha thought not to speak so ill of the living and serving….

  • Stay Classy San Diego.

    I’m sure the room full of gentlemen know that [massive Hint] already and will act appropriately.

    The trust is built up front with this crowd!

    That why, mostly, it’s a respectful and measured conversation.

  • truth be told this non-sense began with the naming of the USS Ronald Reagan.

    The only way to put this genie back in the bottle would be to re-christen that ship and others that are named after people and get back to our naval roots.

    I don’t see that happening.

  • P.M. Leenhouts CAPT USN (Ret)

    “One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up.” — Arthur Koestler”

    We all know the facts regarding Murtha’s reputation. Naming this ship for him is a travesty.

  • Byron

    Not to mention, CAPT. Leenhouts, a grave disservice to the Marines which will sail in her.

  • Any artists out there? Maybe we should hold an informal contest for designing the best USS MURTHA ship emblem. It might be a good way to show our Navy what we think.

    With that I would like to add a disclaimer dis-associating my suggestion from USNI given that any emblems might not be in the best interests of promoting the welfare of the Navy. (Then again, neither is naming a ship USS MURTHA)

    If someone takes the time to create an emblem, I will take the time to write a post covering my thoughts on the naming issue, both this suggestion as well as naming in general, and include the graphic. So email me what you come up with.

  • If you want – you can put the images in comments over at my home blog so we don’t mess up USNI too much.

  • sid

    truth be told this non-sense began with the naming of the USS Ronald Reagan.

    Actually, it started during the Nixon years when the Vinson was named, and the then new nuke cruisers were named for politically important states…

    Then the various amphibs and subs fell into the abyss.

    And now, we see the USN engaging in nothing short of Stalin-esque explanations about their ship naming “conventions.”

    The announcement continues the practice of naming the agile LCS vessels after American midsized cities, small towns and communities.

    I won’t call it an outright lie…only because this forum represents such an august institution…but who in their right minds believe the Freedom and Independence were named after “mid-sized” towns?

    Of course, Fort Worth is in fact the 17th (as of the last census) largest city in the US, and one of the world’s biggest urban concentrations when combined with Dallas.

    Can a military organization that is willing to delude itself and others to this degree be expected to have a realistic view when the chips are down in battle?

    The World Wonders….

  • Retired Now

    SECNAV has been violating all ship naming traditions for decades. Recall that a 688 class sub was named USS LA JOLLA, which is not, nor has ever been a City ! So, the SECNAV names all of the 60+ Los Angeles Class subs for US cities, except USS LA JOLLA which is part of the city of San Diego. But at least the name LA JOLLA sounds good, and lots of very rich companies are based there.

  • RickWilmes

    I think that each new ship that is produced and put into service should be named after each victim that lost their life on 9/11. This would put an end to the nonsense about how to name a ship, honor the victims of 9/11 and remind our enemies of what they are up against.

  • Ed Thomas

    Does the Navy still operate garbage scowls…doesn’t one of them need a new name.

  • Ken

    We currently have four stamps being sold honoring “Distinguished Sailors”. Three of the four DO NOT have current warships named after them. William Sims, John McCloy and Doris Miller(the 4th is Arleigh Burke/DDG-51)all would have been better picks than the Marine slandering member of congress from PA! The graft and corruption he pushed upon the Defense Dept. was breathtaking. Pathetic.
    A county or parrish, any county or perrish would have been better.
    Be grateful the CG49 and DDG51 classes with only a few exceptions stuck with Battles and Naval Heroes

  • Bruce

    Anybody naming a ship after Randy Cunningham?

  • Michael Antoniewicz II

    Death, it seems, does not release you.

    Despite death, Murtha probe continues
    -FBI investigates link to defense kickbacks

    How about calling the LPD-26 the USS Deep Sea 129 instead?

  • Jason

    Regarding the Gerald Ford class carriers, the second should be named Enterprise of course. Additional ship names in this class in my opinion should be names of the early carriers such as Saratoga, Yorktown, Lexington, etc. that proved naval aviation as a first strike weapon and set tradition that naval aviation still proudly carries on today.
    Food for thought.